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Maybe you’ve only ever taken out small payday loans, but you think your finances are in better shape now. You have some expenses coming up and you are wondering if you can get a slightly larger 500 Dollar Loan.

How Hard Is It To Get A 500 Dollar Loan?

Assuming you have the income to cover it, it shouldn’t be any harder to apply for and get a 500 Dollar Loan than a smaller payday loan. You might even get this in the form of a payday loan that has to be paid back all at once. Or you might get it as a short-term installment loan that can be paid back over the course of three to six months.

These are likely to be personal loans for fair credit, which means you don’t have to have a great credit score, though you probably have something a bit better than a bad rating. They may perform either a soft or hard credit check and you will need to fill out a few forms and supply some paper work.

Why Might I Want A 500 Dollar Loan?

At one time, this amount might have been for a used car. These days, this is probably not enough to cover a used car. But christmas loans or personal loans to help cover books until you get your FAFSA may well be in this range.

Another use might be car repairs or medical expenses. It’s easy to drop that much money at an automotive repair place or clinic without it being anything major.

Maybe you are waiting for insurance to reimburse you, but they won’t release your car until you pay. Or maybe it’s cheaper to pay the bill out of pocket while waiting on an insurance payment, rather than let it go to collections and turn into a big headache.

What Do I Need To Provide For The Application?

Although a $500 cash advance is a little larger than many payday loans, the paperwork will be similar. Of course, all loans will require you to provide identification, such as:

  • Your driver’s license.
  • Student ID from your university.
  • A state issued ID card.
  • A military ID card.

You will also need documentation of income, such as a pay stub, LES (military leave and earnings statement) or recent bank statement.

Are You Ready To Apply For A 500 Dollar Loan?

TheGuaranteedLoans helps you connect to Quick Personal Loans, including but not limited to 500 Dollar Loans. We serve as a loan clearing house or matching service. You can think of it like an online dating service.

You give us the basic information and paperwork so you only have to fill everything out one time. Then we check your details against our database of vetted lenders.

Have you pulled together your papers? Are you ready to start the online application?