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It is surprisingly hard to find a good definition on the internet for the phrase “Direct Private Lenders”. So let’s go ahead and explain that term here and now.

What Does The Term “Direct Private Lenders” Mean?

The term Direct Private Lenders actually doesn’t have a single meaning. It gets used differently in different contexts.

This is part of why it is so hard to find a good explanation online. But there are two general meanings that seem most pertinent to our intended audience.

The first is that these are lenders that are fronting the money themselves. Your loan contract is with the person or institution whose money is being lent out.

In other words, the loan is not made through a third party. Loans made through a third party typically cost more because the third party adds a layer of extra expense. So direct lending is often a bit cheaper.

The second meaning is that these are often not loans from banks. They are from other entities.

Some direct student loans come directly from the US government. But, in the case of unsecured personal loans — as opposed to either corporate loans or secured loans, like mortgages — direct lending is usually from a small business, such as a payday loan place.

Why Would I Want To Find Direct Private Lenders?

As noted above, these loans are typically lower in interest than third–party loans. So if you are looking for Low interest personal loans, you may be able to get a better deal than if you go through a broker or other third party.

Another reason you might be interested is because they typically have quicker turnaround times, which means your funds are disbursed more quickly. Cutting out the middle man helps cut out extra steps in the application process.

They can also have their own in-house standards that help streamline the process. For example, payday loan lenders typically only perform a soft credit check, not a hard check. This helps speed things up and also helps protect your credit rating.

Where Can I Find Direct Private Lenders?

That’s usually the hardest part of the process because it involves tracking down a lot of low profile, small lenders. That’s where TheGuaranteedLoans comes in.

We are not a broker and we don’t lend money ourselves. Instead, we are a clearinghouse that helps borrowers find lenders and matches them.

What Do I Need To Do To Apply?

Direct Private Lenders often have minimal requirements. You will need to provide some financial paperwork plus identification, such as:

  • A driver’s license.
  • A state issued ID card.
  • A military ID card.
  • A tribal ID card.
  • A student ID card.

Any of those will do, but if you are looking for personal loans for students, it is best to include a copy of your student ID. Click the button below to get started.