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Well, it’s never a good thing if you are thinking you are in the market for an emergency loan. But before you actually go looking for a loan, you should first do your homework.

Do Your Due Diligence Before Applying For Emergency Loans.

Maybe you’ve always basically had a comfortable life and you have always paid for your needs with cash money. So when the Gig Economy takes its toll on your life and you get into a bind, your first thought is to take out an emergency loan to tide you over.

Not so fast. If it’s just a cash flow issue, a loan can make sense. If you’ve got deeper problems, you first need to try to find some other way to resolve your problem, such as:

  • Call 211 or visit their website to look for emergency services, such as food pantries and soup kitchens.
  • Look for local programs that may not get much press. These may be sponsored by local churches.
  • Consider selling a few things to get some quick cash. Some options include holding a yard sale, selling on e-bay or visiting a pawn shop.

If that doesn’t resolve your problem, it might now be time to look for an appropriate loan product, such as Personal Loans for People on Disability.

Then Figure Out How Much Need To Borrow For An Emergency Loan.

If you can’t find the resources you need, or you have applied for everything and either been turned down or it is still not enough, the next step is figuring out how much you really. Maybe you managed to get enough free food from a local food pantry, but you still need to cover the electric bill.

Okay, that’s better than what you started with. But try to be thorough. Once you know how much you need, then you can look for a cash advance near me.

Of course, the nearest cash advance is sitting right in front of you. TheGuaranteedLoans is a clearing house that helps borrowers and lenders connect. You fill out paperwork with us just once, then we try to match you to a loan product through our database of vetted lenders.

What Kind Of Paperwork Is Involved?

Emergency loans typically involve very little paperwork. They are often for small sums of money that are disbursed quickly.

You will need to provide some form of photo ID, like a driver’s license, military ID card, tribal ID card, student ID card, or state ID card. You will also need to provide some financial documentation, like a pay stub or recent bank statement.

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