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You may think that your credit is shot and loans are out of the question for you. But this may not be true. You can look for high-risk loans designed specifically for someone like you.

What Are High-Risk Loans?

High-Risk Loans are loans designed to serve a particular market segment that doesn’t qualify for more conservative loan products. They realize there is more risk of default, so they design the interest and fee structure to account for that.

Some loan products that are designed for this market segment include:

You will generally pay a higher interest rate for such loans. This doesn’t necessarily make them a bad idea. Let’s talk next about good debt and bad debt.

When Do High-Risk Loans Make Sense?

Historically, people felt that “good debt” meant conservative loan products, like mortgages and student loans. This is because debt makes sense when it makes you more money than it costs you.

At one time, owning real estate was a very reliable means to improve your bottom line. So was an education and the credentialing process that goes with it.

Both of these former truisms are no longer true at all times. The mortgage crisis and the student loan crisis have robbed a great many Americans of the middle class lifestyle they expected it to get them.

We now have a Gig Economy and very high income inequality. For many people, high-risk loans have become a means to stave off late fees, evictions and other consequences that are worse than the fees involved in taking out such loans.

Like any other debt, they can make sense when they save or make you more money than they cost you. Only you can judge if that is likely to be true given the details of your life and the broader context of your life.

What Kind Of Paperwork Do I Need?

High-risk loans are typically designed to be quick and easy to access for people who need money now. You will need to provide proof that you are a legal adult and a citizen or legal resident of the US.

This can often be done by simply providing a copy of your ID, which you need to do anyway. Common forms of acceptable ID include:

  • A driver’s license.
  • A state issued ID card.
  • A military ID card.
  • A tribal ID card.
  • A student ID card from a college or university.

You will also need to provide some financial information, such as a recent bank statement. You may be able to download a PDF from your online bank account.

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