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If you need more than a payday loan will cover, you know you need something with a payment plan. You may find yourself wondering if there are installment loans near me.

Let’s Talk About Installment Loans Near Me.

Historically, if we were asking “Are there installment loans near me?”, we meant a brick-and-mortar place. We were talking physically near me.

This may not longer be relevant. We may use the same phrase, but we may not mean quite the same thing.

We may really mean we need a secured or unsecured personal loan with a payment plan and we need it quick. We may really be asking “What’s the fastest, most convenient way to arrange that?”

Today, sometime the best answer to that question is an online loan. In which case TheGuaranteedLoans may well be the answer.

What Are Some Options For Installment Loans Near Me?

There are two basic types of loans. Secured loans are attached to assets. This reduces the risk for the lender. In exchange, they give you more favorable interest rates.

Unsecured loans may be easier to arrange, but they will cost you more in interest. If you have no assets, this may be your only option.

If you need a payment plan, you are probably talking at least a few hundred dollars or up to a 1000 dollar loans. You might want a short-term loan of just a few months, assuming you can arrange it.

You may not be able to arrange it. If you need a bit more money, you will need more time to pay it off. For example, it’s just not realistic to think $2500 installment loans can be paid off in just three months.

Let’s Cover Some Basics.

You cannot enter into a legally binding contract unless you are a legal adult. This includes taking out a loan.

You also need to be either a citizen of the US or a legal resident. You will need to provide a copy of your ID, such as:

  • A driver’s license.
  • A state-issued ID card.
  • A tribal ID card.
  • A military ID card.

Since these are loans involving a little more money, you may need a little more documentation. You should expect to produce a recent pay stub or recent bank statement, but don’t be surprised if you need a few more things beyond that.

Find Installment Loans Near Me.

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Since you are already here, this is probably as convenient as it gets. You can fill out a single form with us to start the process. When we find a match, we will contact the lender in question and then they will contact you to complete the process.

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