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What if are just starting out or starting over following a divorce? What if you don’t have a great credit score and you have few or no assets? What are your options for borrowing the money you need?

Well, your options include loans based on income.

Why Would Loans Based on Income Work?

Loans based on income are also called Personal Loans or signature loans. The most well-known type is a cash advance, AKA a payday loan.

If you have a good reputation — in other words, a good credit score — you can borrow money at lower rates that are based partly on your reputation and partly on your income. If you have assets, you can borrow money based partly on the value of your assets, such as title loans.

But if you have no reputation and you have no assets, then you need No Collateral Loans based primarily on your income. They typically have higher interest rates if you calculate the Annual Percentage Rate (APR), but this is partly because they often charge a flat fee.

If you have a good reason to push the repayment date into the future, that can help lower the APR because it will be the same fee. So if you get paid bi-weekly instead of weekly and you borrow right after you get paid, your APR will be lower because the fee is fixed.

Where Can I Find Loans Based on Income?

You can find them right here. TheGuaranteedLoans serves as a clearing house or matching service. You fill out one set of forms with us, then we check your information against our database.

If we find one or more matches, we contact the lender. They will get back to you shortly so you can complete the application process with them.

What Information Do I Need?

Loans based on Income tend to have limited paperwork. You will need some means to show that you are a legal adult and a citizen or legal resident of the US. Often, this is done by simply providing a copy of your ID, which they will want to see anyway. Commonly used forms of ID include:

  • A state issued driver’s license (with photo – without a photo, these are typically stamped “not valid ID”).
  • A military ID card.
  • A student ID from a college or university.
  • A tribal ID card.
  • A state issued ID card.

Additionally, you will need to provide some financial statements, such as a recent bank statement. If you are applying for an online loan, you may be able to simply download a PDF copy from your online bank account.

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