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Why Should You Choose Short-Term Loans?

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Perhaps you are assuming that there is no such thing as loans for unemployed individuals. But you would be wrong. It is possible to borrow while have no job.

First Do Your Due Diligence Before Seeking Loans While Unemployed.

You should not be borrowing money while unemployed without a good purpose for it. You do have to pay it back, so this is not really something you should use to just keep eating.

There are better ways to cover basic living expenses during a serious crunch, such as:

  • Call 211 or check out their website to find food pantries, free meals and other basics.
  • Check local churches for free meals and other assistance.
  • Sell some of your possessions in a yard sale.
  • Ask for help in the form of gifts from family or friends.

When Do Loans For Unemployed Individuals Make Sense?

There are situations where it makes sense to borrow money while unemployed. The most obvious is that it can make sense if the loan is backed by collateral. Collateral serves as security to help cover the loan if you can’t come up with the funds to pay it back, so the approval process is less strongly tied to income per se.

Alternately, it can make sense if it is part of a clear and realistic plan to resolve your problems. For example, if you are moving because you have a job lined up and you need funds to help you get there.

Here are some ways to borrow money while unemployed that you may not be aware of:

  • Borrow against your 401k.
  • Borrow from your Whole Life insurance policy.
  • Go to a pawn shop or get an online title loan.

What If Those Things Are Not An Option?

It is possible to get No Collateral Loans while unemployed, it’s just harder and you really need to make a strong case that this makes sense. Loans for unemployed are not usually approved unless you can show that you will have the means to repay it, even though you don’t currently have the means.

Do think about the fact that you may need substantial time to recover from a backlog of financial issues. If you have been unemployed for a while and are borrowing money to get to a new job, you might consider 12 Months Installment Loans, even if it’s not much money, so it isn’t a hardship to pay it back.

Where to Apply for Loans For Unemployed People?

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