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Why Should You Choose Short-Term Loans?

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Are you facing a large expense? Are you one of The 99 Percent and simply don’t have savings to cover it? You can look for a long term personal loan to help you through this.

What Are Long Term Personal Loans?

Long term personal loans are Installment Loans for sufficiently large amounts of money that you need months or even years to pay them off. At the extreme end, you may even be talking about a 10 Years Personal Loans.

Similar to a credit card or student loan, they are unsecured. In other words, you don’t pledge something of value that could be repossessed to cover it. Car loans and mortgages are secured loans because the car or house could be sold to cover the loan.

They are sometimes used to cover expenses like an out-of-state move or a medical emergency. Although they may be for just a few months, a 5 Years Loan is probably a pretty typical length of time for a large personal loan.

Where Can I Find Long Term Personal Loans?

You can find them right here. TheGuaranteedLoans helps lenders and borrowers find each other.

We keep a private database on a variety of vetted lenders. Many of them are hard money lenders, which means they can be hard to find on an individual basis.

You start the application process with us. We look over your information and let the lenders know if it’s a match for their niche. Then they get with you and you two finish the process.

This makes it easier and quicker for you to find the loans for which you qualify.

What Kind Of Documentation Do I Need To Provide?

Long-term personal cash advances are for legal adults who are citizens of the US or legal residents of the US. So, for starters, you will need to provide a valid photo ID, such as:

  • Driver’s license.
  • State issued ID card.
  • Military ID card.
  • Tribal ID card.
  • Student ID card.

You can also expect to provide some paperwork showing your income. This might be a Leave and Earnings Statement (LES), a recent pay stub or a recent bank statement.

It helps the lender determine a reasonable payment which will influence the terms of the loan. Don’t worry too much about this. One way to make the loan work for you is to have you pay it back over a longer period of time to get the loan payments down to an amount you can afford on your current income.

Apply Now For A Long-Term Personal Loan.

If you know this is what you need, we at TheGuaranteedLoans are ready to serve your needs. We understand that borrowing money is something most people find stressful. We try to make it as painless as possible and try to help you find a loan that makes sense for you.