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You absolutely don’t want to borrow money to just cover living expenses while you are unemployed. In most cases, you can’t anyway. Such loans won’t be approved. But there are situations where you personal loans for unemployed people do make sense and can be approved.

Let’s Talk About Personal Loans for Unemployed Individuals

There are some ways to borrow money to just spend however you so wish, including on living expenses. For example, a line of credit on your home equity or a loan against your 401k or you can borrow against the equity on a whole life policy.

But if you here, those are probably not things you can access. But you might have access to flex loans, which are sort of the poor person’s credit card.

They are pre-approved loans that give you a line of credit. Once you have that line of credit, you can use it at will without filling out new information.

That can be one way to get a personal loan for unemployed people. But you may also be able to apply for new credit, if it is for the right reasons and under the right circumstances.

When Do Personal Loans for Unemployed People Make Sense?

If you have lined up a job elsewhere and need funds to move there, this might be a good reason to seek assistance. If you have applied for college and you are waiting for grants, this might be a good reason to seek such.

Personal loans for school are probably one of the better reasons to seek a loan while out of work. If you are training so you can improve yourself and your income, borrowing to cover that can be a good bet.

If you need to cover basics like food, you should probably be looking for soup kitchens and food pantries instead. This is generally not a good reason to borrow money while out of work.

Let’s Cover Some Basics

Since things are typically approved based on income from a regular job, you may face some challenges in seeking personal loans for unemployed people. You may need to come up with other documentation, such as letters showing a grant or documentation of other assets.

You will still need to show you are a legal adult and a citizen or legal resident. This is typically achieved by providing a copy of your identification, such as:

  • Your driver’s license.
  • Your state-issued ID card.
  • Your student ID card.
  • Your tribal ID card.

Let’s Find Personal Loans for Unemployed People

TheGuaranteedLoans is well positioned to help you find what you are seeking. We keep up-to-date information on hand and we help lenders and borrowers find each other.

You fill out a single application and we check it against our records. When we find a match, we will put a lender in touch with you.