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If you find that you regularly need money now and are spending far too much of your time arranging payday loans, it may be time to find another solution. You might want to look into finding pre-approved loans.

What Are Pre-Approved Loans?

These are loans where you have a standing agreement with a lender, thereby cutting out some of the time and hassle involved in getting the funds you need. They sometimes take the form of flex loans, which are sort of a poor man’s credit card.

Arranging to have standing access to pre-approved loans can drastically reduce the amount of time spent on managing recurrent cash-flow problems. This can not only free up your time and energy to spend it on resolving your financial issues, it can also drastically reduce your stress levels. There’s not much worse than having a crisis and not knowing if you can resolve it at all.

Don’t Pre-Approved Loans Have A Bad Reputation?

In some circles, yes. So do payday loans.

Basically, any loans designed to meet the needs of the underprivileged tend to have a bad reputation. If you are rich enough, no one sees anything wrong with lending you money. But if you aren’t rich, people look askance at loan products designed to help you cope with your cash-flow issues.

But the financial landscape has changed. The middle class has been nearly eliminated, which is why we have terms like The Ninety Nine Percent to describe the vast majority of people feeling the pinch these days.

So don’t let people make you feel stigmatized for doing what you need to do to make your life work. Just do what makes sense for you.

How To Apply And Tips On Good Financial Management.

Pre-approved loans are often fairly small personal loans, so they usually involve very little paperwork. You will need to provide a valid ID card and some financial papers, such as a recent bank statement.

If you are chronically strapped for funds, you should be working to resolve that. Here are a few ideas for covering necessities and making long-term plans in today’s Gig Economy:

  • Call 211 or visit their website to find emergency aid near you.
  • Clip coupons, shop sales, check Craig’s List, consider getting a roommate or look for other creative ways to cut expenses in the short term.
  • Look for remote work online if you are having trouble finding full-time work locally that fits your needs. (Remote work is often supplemental income, done in addition to a regular job.)
  • If you can establish an online income, consider moving someplace cheaper to help you make ends meet.

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